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The IHateTaxis.com FAQ's

Here are some of the common questions we receive at IHateTaxis.com.

I was looking for Airport XYZ, but there's no information for it yet?

Each airport, train station, ship terminal, tourist destination, and bus station comes from visitor requests and we generally give priority to those that are visited more often. However, if you would like to write us, this will give the destination a higher priority.

I run a shuttle/taxi/transfer company, how can I advertise with IHateTaxis.com?

Please see our Advertising Page for more information on how your company can appear on IHateTaxis.com.

Does IHateTaxis.com provide destination RSS feeds or entire site RSS feeds?

This is currently in development. We plan to have two products, one for individual destinations where you can subscribe to receive any updates. The second product will be for commercial providers that wish to integrate information for their clients on their own website. Please contact us for more information.

I need to book transfers from the Rome FCO Airport to the cruise ship terminal on 22 April?

IHateTaxis.com does not provide travel agent services, but rather information so travellers may make informed decisions on ground transportation options. Please review the information on the destination pages and contact those companies listed to make a reservation.

What's the story behind IHateTaxis.com?

The IHateTaxis.com story is posted on our About Us page. And no, we really don't hate taxis, it is just a catchy expression that we hope you'll remember. We just want to give travellers the information they need to make informed decisions prior to arrival at their destination so that they can "arrive stress free".

Can IHateTaxis.com do a personalized company or conference page?

Yes we can! Some companies have employees that travel to the 'usual destinations', so we can do a page just for your company with these 'usual destinations'. This will assist company employees in making cost-effective decisions regarding their transportation options. We can also have a conference page for a particular destination. Please contact us for more details.

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